“The Palombaro Lungo” cystern – Matera

The Palombaro Lungo is an underground cistern, like other cisterns in town, it collected rain-water, totally dug in 1870.

It is deep 15 meters and can contain 5 million cubic metres of water.

To make the Palombaro waterproof, was used the cocciopesto’s  technique, that is an ancient technique belonged to the Romans. Cocciopesto  is made of tiles broken up into very small pieces, mixed with mortar, and then beaten down with a rammer. At the end of 1920 this cistern was closed after the construction of the “Acquedotto Pugliese” (Apulian aqueduct).

The Palombaro was rediscovered in the 1991 during the renovation works in the Vittorio Veneto Square.

For its size and structure it is considered a real cathedral of water.


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