The name “Palomba” refers to the dove sculpted on the main door. It dates back to the end of XVI century.

The Church has a Romanesque style and inside includes a preexisting rupestrian Church.


Inside it has an only nave with a barrel vault; on both sides there are chapels decorated with frescos and statues.


A recess hosts the statue of St. Michele Arcangelo; instead on the epistyle of the main door there is a tuff representation of the Holy Family. Through the presbytery there is the entrance to the rupestrian Church, completely carved in the tuff. It is difficult to date it back to its original structure because of many restorations. It includes a span which has a humpback and flat vault. There are lateral chapels with frescos dating back to second half XVII century..

It is said that in 1579 happened some miracles in front of the fresco of “Our Lady with the Child”.



The Church can be visited during Sunday Mass.
Winter times:
Public Holiday 5.30 pm
Sumer times:
Public Holiday 6 pm