MOOM, Matera Olive Oil Museum, is located in Sassi inside an ancient oil mill carved into the rock. 

The structure probably dates back to XV-XVI century. At the beginning, the ancient mill was part of a cave carved into the limestone rock, later enlarged thanks to the work of experts that continued to carve creating new spaces. Waste materials coming from the act of carving were reused to realize a new paving. Furthermore, the limestone rock was used to create new equipments, warehouse bases, litters and cisterns.

The mill includes different spaces which highligth the different stages of olive oil production. The first space is a stable where dunkeys are kept, a great resource for the grinder process. Long the hallways you can see the olive storage and the oil catch basins. In the lower part of hypogeum some communicating basins were discovered during the renovation works. Last but not least is the bedding, place reserved to eat and rest.

The visit to the museum includes a guided tour for about 20 minutes along with an audioguide that will accompany you long the mill halls. Upon request, it is possible to have information about the modern technologies of oil production and about oil properties. Furthermore, you will be explained tasting techniques and sensorial analysis.


€ 5,00 Standard
€ 4,00 Reduced (groups over 10 participants)
GRATUITO (under 6)

cel +39 342.1619245
infopoint A via Rocco Scotellaro, 4