The Santa Lucia and Sant’Agata’ s monastery

Matera is made of breath-taking glimpses and magic places, where time seems to have stopped. The former Santa Lucia and Sant’Agata alla Civita’s monastery is one of these places: born as a fortified farm of 7th century, it became a Benedictine convent from the late 13th until the 18th centuries when the nuns of Santa Lucia alle Malve moved into.
The church and monastrey arise on the slopes of Gravina Canyon among the city’s eastern gate known as Postergola.
Throughout the centuries, the whole complex is expanded and developed on two floors. The church known as Santa Lucia Vecchia has been destroyed. What remains today is a Renaissance portal.
Nowdays the old structure hosts a suggestive Wine Bar, Alterno Cafè, with a wonderful terrace overlooking on Gravina.