Coldiretti farming village it’s coming in town next week (from November 29 to Decembber 1st).

Starting from friday at 9:00 am you can look around the stands set up between Vittorio Veneto square and San Frrrancesco d’Assisi square while you are walking along the old town.

Two days to celebrate the healthy food value, made in italy production and to promote our local products from a modern point of view but preserving the same past fragrances.

15 Italian regions are involved, with 60 food producers from farm to fork. There will also be funny agricultural workshops, good wine and local tasting for just 5 euros.

You can live an experience in which all senses are involved, ranging from taste, sense of smell and the beautiful view that the city offers.

Likewise, you can also learn about local history and folklore thanks to expert local guides.