A multimedia path of lights, sounds and colors to relive the most ardent moments of the “longest day” in Matera .

It is impossible to visit a city without learning about its folk culture. Every year on 2nd July Matera comes alive with its most loved religious holiday in honor of Maria Santissima della Bruna, patron saint of the city.

On the morning of 2nd July, a majestic papier-mâché float goes across the city transporting the statue of the Virgin Mary, an event that embraces history, devotion, tradition and so on.

On 2nd July the celebration begins at dawn with the “Procession of the Shepherds” in San Francesco d’Assisi square. At midday the “Knights of Bruna” take the Statues of the Virgin Mary and the child away from the Cathedral and bring them inside the Church of Sant’Annunziata, in Piccianello district. During the afternoon the Virgin Mary is put on the Triumphal Float and goes across the main streets of the city. The float turns three times around Piazza Duomo. This symbolically means that the Virgin Mary takes possession of the city. At this moment, according to the tradition, the statue is left inside the Cathedral and the float keep going toward Vittorio Veneto square, where it will be destroyed.

The participants jump on the float and begin to tear off its pieces (the so-called “strazzo”) in order to bring home statues, flowers, cherubs and other sacred ornaments. What remains is an empty wood frame that will be decorated again for the next year. The holiday ends with the usual motto “A moggh a moggh all’onn c v’n”  which means “Next year we’ll do better”. The custom of “strazzo” is the symbol of a community devoted to work the barren land of Murgia with his own hands and learned to create papier-mâché artifacts by working paper, glue and gold leaf in order to remind everyone that you don’t have to be attached to things: they are just means to convey universal values.

MIB– Immersive Museum of Bruna is a multimedia path of this celebration, realized with pictures, legends, sounds and tales. Visitors will be able to admire a real size papier-mâché float, thanks to the job of the master Andrea Sansone. Flagship of this setting up is the projection of a 360-degree strazzo by wearing special glasses. Visitors will have the feeling to be in the heart of the celebration and take part in it.


In the entrance area it is possible to buy unique papier-mâché items and some other gadgets related to the culture of reuse, a significant word in this sense, which means the recovery of ancient values.


Every day 9:00-21:00 

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