Salvador Dalì exhibition in Matera

The Persistence of Opposites

More than 200 original and certified works by Salvador Dalí in the Dalí Universe exhibition “La Persistenza degli Opposti” dedicated to Salvador Dalí, staged into the suggestive cave churches Madonna delle Virtù e San Nicola dei Greci throughout the year of Matera European Capital of Culture 2019 (renewed until until 30th November 2020).



It is a special opportunity to look closely the lesser known aspects of this big artist’s works, discovering masterpieces still little known to the public. A big selection of works, which includes sculptures made in brass, objects in glass and gold, collage, collections of original graphics by Salvador Dali.

Furthermore, you can find also holographics, virtual realities, 3D projections and video mapping made by the partenopean society Phantasya for this oppotunity.


This exhibition will allow visitors to explore the labyrinth of the Master’s mind and to admire the creative result of his infinite imagination. The Persistence of Opposites is a museum path
designed to represent the main conceptual dualisms of Dali’s art, which was a man of opposites, and such was his operation, that of visually and conceptually merging apparently contrary ideas, dualism between rational and irrational. The four themes chosen for the museum itinerary are Time, Envelopes, Religion and Metamorphoses. The Salvador Dalì sculpture collection has been exhibited in prestigious locations, continuously, since 1980.



Matera City Tour in Via San Biagio n. 10 in Matera is an authorized sales point for the exhibition.

The works are all kept and can be visited within the rock complex of Madonna delleVirtù and San Nicola deiGreci, except 3 monumental sculptures: ‘The space elephant’, ‘The surrealist plan’ and ‘The dance of time II’, which are exhibited in the streets of the historical center of the European Capital of Culture 2019 and usable for free.